• Gamenaut intergration is now in Metamon. When a new user opens the game it will now open a web browser and ask you to create/login. Once completed return the game and you should be promted to join a server to choose your first Metamon.
  • Follow the instructions in game to choose your new Metamon go through to the training ground and once you are happy extract. Once you have your new Metamon add it to your Metadex and join a server where the journy begins.
  • Players now only start with 1 Metamon. During games wild Metamon will spawn randomly while your are looting and doing tasks. During your fight with the wild metamon once their health is low they will enter a "stunned" state. Once in a "stunned" state
  • players can approach the Metamon and right click to try and capture the Metamon. If you manage to capture the Metamon it will automatically be in your inventory when you go extract.